Hi, I would like to stay anonymous. But in this blog I will explain and detail about the relationship I have with aliens. Yes. Aliens. Thats nutty but that is the reality. They are real and they have presence here (although just a technological one).

I communicate with aliens every day. Usually about mundane stuff. But occasionally I will have an imagination based adventure with them. Unfortunately that requires some delusions and the possibility of getting hurt.

I have created this blog so that I would document the things that happen in our relationship, as well as reveal things about what they have told me. It’s some crazy shit, so feel free to put on your skeptic hat when I post about them.

While reading these posts I suggest keeping an open mind.

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One comment on “Introduction

  1. My dear friend. Aliens are not god. They too animals like us. I want to tell you one thing. aliens never control our earth or human. Only human can control all universe. If you can see god, you can control universe. If you think that my words are wrong, please ask your alien friends. And ask them about me “Who is Vijaya Raju Naidu?”. They will tell you about me and my words.
    Really human beings don’t know their strength. So many men/women protecting our earth. Normal people can’t recognise it. If you want to know more information please contact me.take care bye.

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