Proof of Communication with Aliens

A thing that has been bothering me lately is how do I prove to myself, and others, that im communicating with aliens. After all, they don’t leave any physical proof of their existence, and it is all telepathy based that happens only with me so I am basically the only witness to their existence.

To me there is plenty of proof every day, simply because of the communication. They tell me things I could not have known myself, and they tell me about the things they do on earth that later turned out to be true. However, without any physical proof or a second witness, all these things are just coincidences and luck to someone who is skeptical about my communication with them. I wish I could somehow record some of their messages which they leave in the media and the internet, but they won’t mean anything to someone else without the context of my communication with them. Running into things that show both message and context are rare, and so far i have managed to screenshot one such event on my computer, but it is still not strong enough proof (ie could be explained as just a coincidence). It is a message of them deciding to cut off my internet at the exact same moment i lost connection, it is a screenshot showing both.

But somehow I believe that I just need to find a good way to explain how communication with them is proven by the fact that that there is a separate entity with which I am communicating, and that the voices/messages don’t originate from my own wild imagination. Now that I think about it, it sounds like it could be hard to do. Think about how someone with a split personality could be perceived as two separate people without the knowledge of them inhabiting the same body. I believe the proof lies where certain things are said by them could not have originated from me.

I have thought about it and have found the proof. It’s based on the fact that many times they say things that have an underlying premise that i did not know about before, and once revealing the premise to me it explains other previous things they have told me. In other words, they tell me things that can only be explained by the fact that someone has planned the content of the messages, without me being aware of the details of the plans. Their messages just fit with other things they say in ways i could not have orchestrated myself and was not aware of. This type of proof has happened very often and is unlikely to be a consequence of pure coincidence, or a fabrication of my own cognition as I don’t plan, or pick and choose, the things I hear.

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2 comments on “Proof of Communication with Aliens

  1. You are not the only proof of there existance. Some of us have been being abducted all our lives and are also in regular contact. To say your the only proof is like saying your the only one worth contacting. Many of us choose to stay quiet cos we know when the time is right We will know we can show the world what we can do……

  2. if they are actually able to observe us, they would be able to tell you about the life of a stranger over the internet that they are observing. A name, some personal detail, etc.

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