Aliens’ Relationship With Earth

I have talked about alot of things with the aliens. I have a special role that requires me talk about and know about certain things. One of those things was about earth and it’s role in our galaxy.

The relationship between earth and the aliens has a long history. Earth was discovered millions of years ago and had been claimed by a real estate alien corporation. Ownership of earth has exchanged hands since then, and along with it changed its purpose. Today it is owned by a company that develops infrastructures and human capital on habitable planets for government projects. Upon completion of the development stage, these planets are used as means to stimulate the economies of the financing governments.

This is achieved using an entire planet, alot of time, and full control over the lives of the inhabitants of the planet. For maximum effectiveness and unhindered management, the inhabitants themselves must not be aware they are being governed and controlled by the overseers of the project. They place cloaked control nodes around the planet to directly control the inhabitants, which are based on very advanced technology in the area of remote mind control and surveillance. Using this technology they are able to control every aspect of the inhabitants’ lives around the planet and are able to build the self-sustained infrastructures required for the project.

Now, since the subjects of the project are not aware of their governance, and what they are doing there, then they need to be created on the planet along with heritage and evolutionary roots, and, essentially, claim the planet as their home.

Considering that the subjects of the project did not consent to being controlled and governed and have no elected representatives, and that being mind controlled without one’s knowledge may be considered unethical, it is right to assume that once released from alien control and informed about their true role and purpose, the subjects may denounce the aliens and what they tried to achieve. However, the subjects are much better off in prosperity compared to most other alien nations at the moment of release, and they can enjoy the fact they are finally released without any remnants of direct alien control. Because of this, the subjects of successful projects tend to be thankful and appreciative of their relationship with the aliens, and proceed with economic cooperation and fulfilling their role in the project.

So this is where we are today. We have been created by an alien corporation and are secretly being governed by them. And, yes, this means that almost everything we see around us is thanks to them. Most of our intellectual, societal, technological, and economic achievements are thanks to them. This will go on until one day, when we are fully prepared, we will make the first official contact with aliens and proceed with the next phase of the project.

We are considered lucky because we get all this free valuable infrastructure, knowledge, and technology. So we are essentially “rich” compared to our struggling alien neighbors.


11 comments on “Aliens’ Relationship With Earth

  1. Hello,
    I am really amazed how many things you know. So you are saying that there are other civilization ‘aliens” are controlling?
    How do you get contact with aliens? is it trough out dreams?
    Thank you. looking forward to communicate with you.

  2. Are you able to give them your opinions or thoughts? and What about other Humans who may be very curious as to what the ‘Aliens’ call themselves, their mother tongue, their daily lives, and just overall curiosity about them as a species and historically like I am?

    • I do share my thoughts with them. They have not shared with me any names or general information about their culture or ethnicity. This information is not relevant to my position with them, and they would not divulge such information even if I asked them.

      I do believe though that they are composed of a combination of alien species/ethnicities and not just one.

  3. so pretty much what your saying in around about way is that the “aliens” are our uhm i guess god?

  4. Thank you for this wonderful informative website. After years of soul searching and the pursuit of knowledge in the hopes of reaching the Truth. I have come to the conclusion that every story, religion, myth, rumour etc is at least partly or wholly true. I believe that the concept of Ying&Yang is the basic tenet of all universes/multiverses.

    Whilst being in this human form with all the limitations that come with it, I cannot say for sure what is True/reality and what is lies/deception. Is there even a truth? or is the truth more of a multifaceted concept that is always changing and ever dynamic and its corner stone is conciousness itself?

    After much research and personal experience with cultures, religions, history, philosophy, science, paleontology, countries, governments, people and animals. I am beginning to very strongly lean towards the concepts discussed in this website to actually have some merit.

    Keep doing what you are doing and please post as much information as they allow you to do. I don’t know if what you say is true/real, but I have learned from my studies not to dismiss any hypothesis no matter how absurd and I have also learned that the pursuit of truth will always lead to a dead-end, whether in this world or in alien planets.

    • Thank you for keeping an open mind. Indeed, the stuff I talk about on here may be hard to swallow, it’s not the typical UFO story. But just know that I am not alone and I have talked to some of the others, my aliens have not repeated these theories to any of the others or treated them the same as they did with me. We each know something different and find it hard to find a common ground, other than these aliens are real and crazy and that we are dealing with the same kind.

  5. Please kindly advise me that if they are controlling us or some of us through mind control and since we are theoretically own by them, if they have purpose on us, why humans kill each other through so many wars if they did have MC on us they could always avoid it since they have so much over technology than us? They can just stop all wars, terrorism, murderers… etc. I can only think of that they might want to cut our over population , but why through wars since they can control everything on planet they can just create twister or tsunami or earthquake to cut down population why we have to go through so many wars…

    I believe what you say but still this question sucks on my head. Even if they wanted to cut down population they could have just simply MC people as you said below.

    Quote ” They place cloaked control nodes around the planet to directly control the inhabitants, which are based on very advanced technology in the area of remote mind control and surveillance. Using this technology they are able to control every aspect of the inhabitants’ lives around the planet and are able to build the self-sustained infrastructures required for the project.” unquote

    it just doesn’t sounds right to me also if they did not want you to show proof of your communications with them, they would have delete this blog in instance since they can control humans they can also control you, they wouldn’t release any info. if they use you as of ambassador and they want to share info they could easily let you record them, but then again why would they so? If they are controlling whole planet itself, if they have MC devices they can still control us and not let us kill each other or let us by sending them radio control extraterrestrial beacon is a puzzling transient radio source to find them . Also in one of your blog you said they were here from the beginning please kindly ask them if you may or if they allow you, why? if they do not answer or care to answer still nonsense. if this planet so important to them, we are currently killing this planet by air population destroying trees using terrible diesel gas usage cars smoking cigarettes. if they did care for this planet and for their purpose they wouldn’t allow this or they wouldn’t allow people, on other people to gain power over them for a piece of paper called “money” .

    Sincerely yours…

    • Thank you for reading through my blog and asking critical questions. To answer them, here are my points:

      Wars and conflicts are necessary, if they want to release us at some point and let us be self sufficient. We will have to deal with actual aliens which are not mind controlled and could have conflicts with us. Without experience in wars and having developed military and military technology we would be helpless in a the big, and unfriendly, world out there. Think of it like over sheltering a child and when they grow up and go out into the real world they are unprepared and have difficulty dealing with real issues. They just have to let us experience real conflicts of all kinds so that we don’t end up being dependent on them in the future.

      I am not an ambassador, and this blog is not meant to be their full disclosure. I have this blog up for almost 3 years and it has not received any special attention or many viewers, because it is really not meant for that. So far the main use for it was to find others in similar situation, or rather having a contact point that the aliens use to make others find me. Which answers your other question about them mind controlling me yet not giving me proof. This blog is not about proving they exist (from what i understood).

      Pollution is indeed bad, however we may not really comprehend the effects it has on the environment, and on human decisions in general. The huge attention global warming has received in the past several years has lead to huge research and development in renewable energy and reducing its cost to be competitive with fossil fuel energy. This has lead to be a boon for developing nations who do not have a stable energy grid since now renewable energy is cheap enough for them to set up locally. Yeah pollution is bad, but this may just be a tool to direct humans to focus on relevant technologies. The special attention global warming and pollution has receive leads me to believe this is intended behavior by the aliens.

      I hope this answers some of your questions.

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