My Role

My communication with the aliens started in 2008. Since then alot of things had been said and done, and by today I have learned what they want from me and why.

I am not a person of authority and I have no significant importance anywhere in our society. So what do they want from me? It turns out they have been with me all my life, without my knowledge, monitoring and directing my life so that one day I will be used for a purpose that affects an important part of the earth/human project. I was to be used for advertising the earth/human project and everything that happens here to an alien audience. This is achieved by putting me in a show that follows my life and my interaction with the aliens, who are actually entertainers.

This means that I occasionally have be inside scripted imagination based movies in which I am the main character. Unfortunately, this involves having delusions and experiences similar to a schizophrenic’s. On most days, however, I am simply watched for speaking out my mind, akin to blogging, and communicating with the aliens on certain topics. A part of my job is to follow world news relating to technological developments on earth.

And all of this is done without my choosing. They just assigned this role to me and make sure that I do as they wish. I couldn’t resist even if I wanted to; they keep me cooperative through mind control.


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