Managing Earth From A Distance

Aliens manage everything here on earth, but they are not actually physically here. So how do they do everything they do here on earth? It turns out they manage this using a technological infrastructure they installed here that is managed through quantum teleportation.

Quantum Link

Quantum teleportation is a physical phenomenon, described by quantum entanglement, where the quantum property of a particle can be remotely affected by interacting with another particle with which it is entangled, at an indefinite distance and instantaneously. Albert Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”. And it is if you think about it, how you can do something at a distance without anything in the middle to deliver your action, one might even compare it to magic.

Quantum teleportation, though, is used only for transfer of information, as you can only transfer the quantum property and not force or matter. This, still, makes it tremendously useful, at least for communication. Using this, the aliens are able to create computer networks that span the entire galaxy. We can see how useful this can be just by looking at the Internet here on earth as an example.

We have not been able to transfer useful information through quantum teleportation, and it is theorized that it is not even possible. But, according to what they told me, it is possible and very useful.

But even with quantum teleportation, they would still need to physically transport their technology all the way over here to do physical work. This means that they probably put cloaked satellites in orbit around earth, or planted under ground nodes, that can do physical manipulation at a relatively short distance. Once they installed this infrastructure, they are able to have telepresence and live supervision within earth’s perimeter.

So although we can’t see or touch aliens at this time, we are still able to communicate with them, which is what I have been doing for the past four years.


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