Earth’s Discoverability (A Race Against Time)

GalaxyWe have not discovered alien life on other planets. Our telescopes are not sensitive enough to pick up on weak artificial radio emissions from hundreds of light years away. And the sky is too broad for us to listen to all areas of the sky at all times, we are only listening to a tiny fraction of the sky at any given moment. Aliens, however, are much more likely to be listening to planets like ours, given how advanced their radio telescopes can get, meaning that we could indeed be discovered by aliens before we discover them.

Our planet, however, cannot be found yet because of the speed at which light travels and how recent our technological advancement has been. Our radio emissions, such as radio broadcasts and nuclear bomb activity, have only started appearing in the 30’s and 40’s. Our galaxy is 100,000 light years across. Even if the nearest technologically advanced civilization is just 150 light years away, we would still have another 70 years until we could be found. And, unfortunately, we are not likely to be visited any time soon because of this. Our galaxy is so vast and the amount of stars in it is so ridiculously enormous that they have no reason to come here unless there was something specifically interesting about this part of space, like signs of a new intelligent life form.

But our discoverability, or lack of it, is something the aliens managing earth depend on. Part of the requirements of the earth project is that we would be completely isolated from alien influence. They need us to be disconnected from the outside universe so their own presence and influence would remain secret (to us), and that our development won’t be affected by the availability of more advanced technology during the early stages (competition would be hard to beat). So they actually have a relatively small timeframe to progress our technological development, because of the necessity of development of radio and nuclear technologies, to be prepared for assimilation with the outside universe. This is why technology has advanced at such an unimaginable pace in just the past 100 years compared to the rest of human history, and keeps advancing at an exponential rate. But one may ask, if they don’t want us to be found, wouldn’t the show I am in reveal our location? It wouldn’t. No actual coordinates are being revealed, and any other method of deciphering our location from clues, such as our visible constellations and the movement of visible stars across time, would be futile because of the great number of stars in our galaxy and the too numerous possible results from such a search.

So as you can see, the aliens and us are at a race against time. The clock is ticking while we progress our development to be prepared for the time of our introduction to the greater galactic ecosystem.


7 comments on “Earth’s Discoverability (A Race Against Time)

  1. I am curious, did they tell you to write this blog or is this an independent decision of your own? I’m asking, because I’m curious what aspect of their designated “plan” for you does this blog fall into. Interesting stuff, keep writing—believe it or not, you may just be on to something, here.

    • They initiated it, and help me write everything on here. I am not sure for what purpose though, part of me believes it’s because i wished to share what I have discovered with the world, as well as be able to be found by others who are in a similar situation as me. And I have indeed found others. Also I don’t believe this blog will be used for general disclosure, I am assuming my blog will never reach enough popularity (with their control) to inform the general public.

      • Hello, I noticed you haven’t posted since last year, But I don’t know if you know anything about ‘visual snow’. Ive tried looking this up online but I can only find very little on the subject..
        It’s almost like the world around me is a tv. All this little static like things in the air. In the dark it’s worse. Though it doesn’t bother me.. I’m just curious. I want to know why I see the world like this. Even sometimes in the dark it’s like things are forming and moving around that are darker then the darkness themselves. They’re not scary to me now but as a child it was. It made me very scared of the dark. Always felt like they were watching me.
        Again I have no idea if you can even answer this and explain why I see this but I’m reaching out to anyone. Someone has to know why. Right?

        Thanks so much for your this ome if yiu do find the time to answer me!
        Randi Matthews.

  2. Awesome blog, great read, my experience is different, but great to find another person like me😃will contact u privately ,all the best Dara

  3. Hi there! My experience with alien contact has been an unusual one. It took me a while to even realize it was aliens. But they explained to tv thing to me too. it started with all my electrical stuff acting up. It was unexplainable . I thought it was a person who had hacked all my devices. I remember very clearly they started speaking to me telepathically. They told me a bunch of lies that I thought were true. They told me they were humans though who had the technology to speak telepathically to people and control people’s bodies. The first lie they told me was that I was molested as a child (not really true) but I didn’t remember it because I was drugged. It happened a lot through out my child hood supposedly and was recorded and some how went viral on the Internet in the 90’s and early 2000’s and Im some world famous “child porn star” and that name was milk on the Internet. All lies. They also that there was hidden cameras placed all through out my house and all time there were

    thousands of guys watching my every move. It was embarrassing to take a shower or go to the bathroom because I thought I was being watched. I would walk all the way to the super market just to take a dump. Haha and everywhere I went there were these clicks and taps and bumps in electrical things to show me they were present. It is my believe that there were beings watching me, and what I can see through my eyes but it not Humans. It’s aliens watching my life like a tv show. It was amazing at first. Like the best of my life but it soon came crashing down. They basically just showed me all the psychical control they had over. Making my leg feel dead, fucking with my equalibrium making it so I couldn’t walk. Literally paralizing my legs in the middle of walking somewhere. At one point this being the most extremely painful experience I’ve ever had, some foreign alien I guess they explained had “hacked” into my brain and starting controlling all my movement. I was convulsing, contorting, drueling, thrown of the couch and forced into different sexual positions. It took all the strength I had to try and get out of its control. My mom had to give me a full xanex and two sleep aids to knock me out. This happened twice. Two seperate entities. All this torture after a couple weeks came to a. End when it told me it had a life size “voodoo doll” of me and it started touring me with it . He told it had all my organs and it was going to smash them one by one and lAstly the brain so it could no longer have control over my body. During this procedure I was ordered to strip down naked, lay flAt on my bed with my hands to my sides, and close my eyes. When he finally smashed the brain I was immediately sent to another demension which was not pleasant. I guess it had restarted my brain and When I came to, I had the mottor skills and thought process of a toddler. I had to relearn how to walk, talk, my mom had to take care of me I would druel all over the plAce for about a week. But what a relief it was to no longer be in pain. He also presented himself as this guy from a band in his voice and for long time I thought I was actually talking. I pretty developed a relationship with this fuckin alien. We talked all the time. He would tuck me in at night for gods sake. Anyways they did tell me that I’m a “star” in the universe in this supposed reality TV show. Now that they know I don’t really believe anything they say they don’t say much to me but are always present. AND ever since the whole experience I’ve been searching for someone else who has had some of the same experiences as me. So that’s why I’m writing you I guess to seek closure on the big question of what happened to me . And btw all my friends thought I’d lost it and was on drugs which I was not and I was sent to the psych ward 3 times along with jail once. All because of there stupid lies about 7 months ago.

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