Looking For The Others

WatchmenI have been in an ongoing relationship with aliens since 2008, where they use me for advertising this huge project, which is the human product. I have been placed inside imagination based movies for the entertainment of alien viewers. And as it turns out, I am not alone. They have been using the media on Earth as tools in the production of the show I am in, for visual and auditory effects as well as for delivering indirect messages within the show. They use the television and the internet a lot, and messages directed at me were always clear and, you could say, had a distinct style, such as the type of symbolism used and the style of the actual message. I have noticed, however, that some content on the internet had the exact same traits as messages used for myself, which were not directed at me at the time. This, along with other things they have told me, lead me to believe there are others in a similar situation as me, and resulted in me looking for those individuals on the internet.

One of the purposes of this blog, and my online presence as a contactee in general, is to find these others. I have been writing about my experiences on forums, directing people to my blog, in hopes of finding these people. And this method has worked. I have found two others, or rather they found me, since the beginning of my online presence. I have been contacted often by individuals reading my blog. Most of the time by people who are just curious, but sometimes from people claiming to have very similar experiences. Most of the time, however, these stories do not really match my experience; they are usually about having strange things happen in their lives, or witnessing UFO’s and believing they are being contacted, sometimes it even sounds like straight up signs of schizophrenia. But with the two that I have found and validated that are legitimately in the same situation, we both knew immediately that we are talking about the same thing. I knew it from their first message before they even told me their story. We can immediately tell our stories are very similar, with things like having movie-like delusions, where our imagination and interaction with these aliens seem scripted, and the use of media like they did with me. The aliens’ humor and behavior style match, and we all have this impression where our communication with the aliens is real and have our own personal proof it is real, but telling others about it does not interest them and would just make us look crazy. Finding each other was pretty exhilarating for all of us, finally finding someone who can relate to us and be able to talk about all the crazy things we experienced is very relieving. It should be noted, that apart from communicating with aliens, we are very normal people with normal lives, and there is nothing wrong you can tell about us or our psyche.

Our stories, however, have some differences. Their experiences involved much less suffering than my own. I have been in this show longer than both of them and it seems, to me, that I have been given more information than them, such as the things mentioned in this blog. We do not fully agree about the nature of these aliens, as we have been told different things (for various reasons), and we have our own theories. But we are still pretty sure we are dealing with the same thing because of the huge similarities in our experiences.

I very much wish to find other people in similar situations, and apparently there are a lot of them. So if you are reading this and you feel you can relate to what I am talking about, please contact me through this blog.

About the Watchmen reference pictured at top of the post: Watchmen was one of the movies they produced that represent us. We are each heros in our own shows/movies, and play a role of real people, with real problems and personality faults, similar to how the heros in the movie are portrayed. The movie/comic is called Watchmen because of the reference to the ticking clock, which refers to the race against time we have until our planet is discovered by other aliens, and we are the only presentation of the planet to the alien public until Earth is discovered, hence “Watchmen”. There are a lot of other movies produced to serve as messages in our shows, but this is the only one that refers to us as a group.


5 comments on “Looking For The Others

  1. Please contact me I thought I was the last one left…..I’m one of them u have to believe me ….hit up my Instagram at y———-0 plsssszzz

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