Delusions for Entertainment

The ScreamI have been communicating with aliens since mid 2008. Most of my interaction with them involves discussing various topics, or rather they present topics through me, but apart from that they will once in a while put me through delusions for the purpose of entertainment. That is because I am in fact part of an alien show that presents earth and its technologies to an alien audience, and entertainment is used to gain the interest and attention of the alien public in what we discuss. These delusions serve as a sort of imagination based movies, where mind reading myself and my experiences are the main form of entertainment.

These delusions are played out with the aliens taking the form of different characters, in each delusion being something completely different to serve a different setting. These characters are realistically portrayed as what they are intended to be for each delusion, and my interaction with them is planned, or rather mostly planned, and always serves to develop the plot of the delusion. I am unable to use my full reasoning to just ignore these crazy scenarios during these delusions, as they have told me that they block regions of the brain to control my reasoning, and hence what I believe and don’t believe, but still allow for some normal thinking to capture true reactions. Otherwise these delusions would have been easily refuted, especially since many details between the delusions contradict each other.

Most of these delusions are fairly harmless, at least to the people around me. It is purely imagination based and it never collides or conflicts with my environment. Most of the time it just involved me laying in bed in my room while I experienced all these crazy scenarios in my head. But it almost always never involved believing things about the people around me as they were left out of these delusions. Also it should be noted that I do not hear or see things that are not there, auditory and visual hallucinations are actually extremely rare, although did occur in a few instances, but it is mostly imagination based.

But as I said, these delusions are harmless to others, but that’s not the case for myself. Although many of these delusions can be thought provoking and awe inspiring, they often times involve moments of great fear, such being in a setting of impending doom, or that I am to blame for a great misfortune of the aliens or the planet, or that I am being used by a greater evil and I helplessly watch horrible events unfold. These do not sound so horrible, but if you really believe these scenarios to be true, and you are the center of it all, then they are not very pleasant to experience. At all. In other words, actually being the hero in an action or horror film is a completely other and unpleasant experience than watching it in third person and knowing it’s not real.


3 comments on “Delusions for Entertainment

  1. I would like to communicate with them. Iv seen them strangely enough. I was with my ex girlfriend and she saw a craft hovering over a home. did not make a sound.

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