I am still here

For those of you wondering, I am still alive. I have been busy dealing with the others I have found, it has preoccupied me all this time. I still answer all those who contact me or comment on my blog. I plan to write more, eventually… I am assuming the aliens just do not have much interest in me writing at the moment since they made me find all these others who are in a similar situation to me.

If you feel you can relate to my situation, please contact me! I’m still very happy to find others.

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14 comments on “I am still here

  1. Heyho, interesting blog

    My own investigation in history, UFO, ancient civilizations, artifacts etc. led to the conclusion, that “they” were here in the past (100% certain) and are most likely still here now. That’s how I found your blog… a google search “if aliens are still here” – Actually I think they are still here on earth, have been for centuries, and shaped our history from the beginnings.

    By that I also came to the conclusion that these aliens do not seem that benevolent, considering they let all this suffering, wars, financial system, etc. happen on earth. Maybe it was them who introduced these?

    It is wrong to believe, that things have to be the way they are on earth, that things must happen in a bad way first, that people must die, and that this sick life on earth is the only way to prepare us for other galactic civilizations. That’s not true. There is another way to learn respect and humbleness towards others. By interest, exploration and without hurting others. But these aliens obviously implemented the way of suffering to create a drama planet and amuse themselves by watching their own version of “big brother”.

    Maybe the bible is true after all… in the end they are only 2 choices: the way of Satan or the way of God. If they shaped mankind for centuries and our current state of affairs is the result – then this development is caused by the former one: by satan, which means aliens brought hell on earth. And you know what’s funny? There are historic indicators our civilization wasn’t the first one on earth – the others are destroyed already. So they already messed up a couple of times. We are the 5th or later civilization… the 5th season of the walking dead…

    Sorry for getting crazy in the end… but something is not right on earth. And I tend to believe some of your blog posts are right and aliens are a root cause of all what happens on earth. It fits together and we must all somehow cope with this situation, live on, and keep a sane mind.

  2. You seem real with everything you have said and the truth is, you are my last hope, I just want to know what I experienced this year and may experience again soon, is real… I have had encounters with aliens and honestly I dont know who to trust to talk to anymore because they think that Im crazy, but they cant walk in my shoes to even know everything Ive been through this year, please contact me. I left my email and hopefully soon I will leave my number…. I have lots of pictures, sum blurry, sum exposed, they are real and so am I..

    nancy langley

  3. Hi my name is emmanuel and I feel what you are talking about and I have seen and felt them I would like to know more and be apart of something special

  4. Since March of last year I have been taking images of intelligent lifeforms in Light from the Sun…

    My research and evidence has been made public on my my page since that time…

    My images are graphicly detailed and reveal an alternate universe that has been invisble to any instrument untill now…

    The Digital Camera was invented and 1975 and 40 years later I discoverd this with a very simple but complex method..

    I use light from the Sun and bend it with water and project that light onto a curved metal surface.
    Then I take digital images of the light on the metal and review my images…

    To my amazement i have been successful at capturing images of them for almost a year now…

    Thunder Energies have scientifically proven my theories…
    Scientific Proof my images are real…


    Please review my research and evidence made public on my page…



  5. I’ve had communications off and on with aliens such 1999…aliens have a lot of foibles so why would I give a rat’s ass if they want to communicate. I got my own problems, just say’n. But a few days ago I had an email from a guy who claimed he was a hybrid that communicates often with aliens. Frankly, he sounded like he was trying to scam me….I told him to get lost! But the next morning I got a couple of symbols telepathically that could have been from his ‘pals’. Now I’m curious to know if each group of aliens has different symbols when first making telepathic contact with humans?. If so, I could just summon his ‘pals’. I’m a magickian.

  6. Hi. I do believe aliens are real because our universe is to vast and large for Earth to be the only one right? Now, I am very interested to know if these are in fact intelligent life type of aliens, or not, because contrary to most people’s beliefs about aliens, intelligent life in the universe is extremely rare, and if and when human beings have photographic evidence that aliens exist, it will most likely be some tiny micro-organism. So, if you happen to have real evidence of intelligent life on Earth of all types of evidence for life on other planets, I would love to see it. (i won’t share it with the world, girl-scouts honor). I do have one skeptic question however, in a previous post made by you, you said the aliens wanted to be kept secret, so if you are doing their work for them, why post all this on the internet for over 5 years. Also, if the aliens happened to have some sort of extremely advanced technology, than how come they didn’t take this site down? Sorry, I have to be a skeptic, I don’t want to come across some phony who is trying to trick the entire world that aliens exist on Earth, with faked evidence. I am interested in REAL evidence only. See it to believe it type here.

    • Your questions are valid and skepticism not out of place. I cannot provide any evidence other then my own confessions, which makes this blog no different then any of the other confessions of contactees around the web, which is the exact reason why they let this blog exist. It seems the main purpose of writing this blog has been for finding others in a similar situation who are the only ones who know for sure what I say in this blog is real, which is why posts have stopped flowing as they have already served their purpose. My blog has not gained any huge attention, and likely never will. If you are looking for evidence such as photographs, then you will not find them as they are not reliable, especially with today’s technology and the high number of hoaxers around the web. Your only option is to deduce there is a high likelihood aliens have preceded us by a few billion years, that we are very late to the party, we are not special, and there is a high likelihood we are their project who have been quarantined from alien contact. The good news is some of us are contacted and know this is true, the bad news is no one else can believe such outrageous claims and will never be taken seriously.

      • I found you, I too have been searching for others and have found some, maybe the same, maybe different, none the less with there own story. I am happy that you started this contact forum, (thank you!). I have read everything on your blog, as well as, all the comments. If you need to relate to me in order to believe me, than I can do that. I have done a lot of searching (@3 years). 24/7/365 is me because that is how “he” and I are.
        My reason for the attempt to contact you is because, I want to communicate with you and exchange thoughts.
        It is my assertion that 24/7/365 “contactees”, can figure out some similar point of reference and relationship to all. In my estimate all 24/7/365 “contactees” have questions and answers and over time learn and grow.
        I really look forward to any help you can give me, as well as, anyone else you have found that you deem as the real deal. (You seem to be the central point).
        I do hope that the leg work you have done has paid off, (thank you!) and I hope a group of 24/7/365 “contactees” can share their relationship of experience for the benefit of each other.
        Who knew, Right!
        Dude! contact me.

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