I am still here

For those of you wondering, I am still alive. I have been busy dealing with the others I have found, it has preoccupied me all this time. I still answer all those who contact me or comment on my blog. I plan to write more, eventually… I am assuming the aliens just do not have much interest in me writing at the moment since they made me find all these others who are in a similar situation to me.

If you feel you can relate to my situation, please contact me! I’m still very happy to find others.

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Delusions for Entertainment

The ScreamI have been communicating with aliens since mid 2008. Most of my interaction with them involves discussing various topics, or rather they present topics through me, but apart from that they will once in a while put me through delusions for the purpose of entertainment. That is because I am in fact part of an alien show that presents earth and its technologies to an alien audience, and entertainment is used to gain the interest and attention of the alien public in what we discuss. These delusions serve as a sort of imagination based movies, where mind reading myself and my experiences are the main form of entertainment.

These delusions are played out with the aliens taking the form of different characters, in each delusion being something completely different to serve a different setting. These characters are realistically portrayed as what they are intended to be for each delusion, and my interaction with them is planned, or rather mostly planned, and always serves to develop the plot of the delusion. I am unable to use my full reasoning to just ignore these crazy scenarios during these delusions, as they have told me that they block regions of the brain to control my reasoning, and hence what I believe and don’t believe, but still allow for some normal thinking to capture true reactions. Otherwise these delusions would have been easily refuted, especially since many details between the delusions contradict each other.

Most of these delusions are fairly harmless, at least to the people around me. It is purely imagination based and it never collides or conflicts with my environment. Most of the time it just involved me laying in bed in my room while I experienced all these crazy scenarios in my head. But it almost always never involved believing things about the people around me as they were left out of these delusions. Also it should be noted that I do not hear or see things that are not there, auditory and visual hallucinations are actually extremely rare, although did occur in a few instances, but it is mostly imagination based.

But as I said, these delusions are harmless to others, but that’s not the case for myself. Although many of these delusions can be thought provoking and awe inspiring, they often times involve moments of great fear, such being in a setting of impending doom, or that I am to blame for a great misfortune of the aliens or the planet, or that I am being used by a greater evil and I helplessly watch horrible events unfold. These do not sound so horrible, but if you really believe these scenarios to be true, and you are the center of it all, then they are not very pleasant to experience. At all. In other words, actually being the hero in an action or horror film is a completely other and unpleasant experience than watching it in third person and knowing it’s not real.

Looking For The Others

WatchmenI have been in an ongoing relationship with aliens since 2008, where they use me for advertising this huge project, which is the human product. I have been placed inside imagination based movies for the entertainment of alien viewers. And as it turns out, I am not alone. They have been using the media on Earth as tools in the production of the show I am in, for visual and auditory effects as well as for delivering indirect messages within the show. They use the television and the internet a lot, and messages directed at me were always clear and, you could say, had a distinct style, such as the type of symbolism used and the style of the actual message. I have noticed, however, that some content on the internet had the exact same traits as messages used for myself, which were not directed at me at the time. This, along with other things they have told me, lead me to believe there are others in a similar situation as me, and resulted in me looking for those individuals on the internet.

One of the purposes of this blog, and my online presence as a contactee in general, is to find these others. I have been writing about my experiences on forums, directing people to my blog, in hopes of finding these people. And this method has worked. I have found two others, or rather they found me, since the beginning of my online presence. I have been contacted often by individuals reading my blog. Most of the time by people who are just curious, but sometimes from people claiming to have very similar experiences. Most of the time, however, these stories do not really match my experience; they are usually about having strange things happen in their lives, or witnessing UFO’s and believing they are being contacted, sometimes it even sounds like straight up signs of schizophrenia. But with the two that I have found and validated that are legitimately in the same situation, we both knew immediately that we are talking about the same thing. I knew it from their first message before they even told me their story. We can immediately tell our stories are very similar, with things like having movie-like delusions, where our imagination and interaction with these aliens seem scripted, and the use of media like they did with me. The aliens’ humor and behavior style match, and we all have this impression where our communication with the aliens is real and have our own personal proof it is real, but telling others about it does not interest them and would just make us look crazy. Finding each other was pretty exhilarating for all of us, finally finding someone who can relate to us and be able to talk about all the crazy things we experienced is very relieving. It should be noted, that apart from communicating with aliens, we are very normal people with normal lives, and there is nothing wrong you can tell about us or our psyche.

Our stories, however, have some differences. Their experiences involved much less suffering than my own. I have been in this show longer than both of them and it seems, to me, that I have been given more information than them, such as the things mentioned in this blog. We do not fully agree about the nature of these aliens, as we have been told different things (for various reasons), and we have our own theories. But we are still pretty sure we are dealing with the same thing because of the huge similarities in our experiences.

I very much wish to find other people in similar situations, and apparently there are a lot of them. So if you are reading this and you feel you can relate to what I am talking about, please contact me through this blog.

About the Watchmen reference pictured at top of the post: Watchmen was one of the movies they produced that represent us. We are each heros in our own shows/movies, and play a role of real people, with real problems and personality faults, similar to how the heros in the movie are portrayed. The movie/comic is called Watchmen because of the reference to the ticking clock, which refers to the race against time we have until our planet is discovered by other aliens, and we are the only presentation of the planet to the alien public until Earth is discovered, hence “Watchmen”. There are a lot of other movies produced to serve as messages in our shows, but this is the only one that refers to us as a group.

Treasure Trove of Human History

Aliens have been with us during our whole existence as humans. They created us to serve a greater purpose within our galaxy. They control everything about us such as technological advancements, societal progress, and economic prosperity, as well as the path of human history. That is, until we will be released from direct alien control.

Ancient Aliens from the "History" ChannelHuman history will serve a dual purpose for us as humans in the Earth project. First, as a definition of identity and heritage for the human race, and second, as the acquirement of valuable lessons which will be of use to us during the period of independence and assimilation with the outside universe. Our history is rich with great empires, thinkers, and wonders, that all contribute to our appreciation of our race and helped in advancing it. But we also have many dark moments in history that may appear at first as the work of evil people, or an evil god, if there was one. But everything has it’s purpose and something to learn from, even if it means paying a hefty price for the people living during those times in history.

One example of this was World War II and the holocaust, where 6,000,000 jews were sent into concentration camps, killed, and persecuted in the most inhumane ways. This is probably one of the worst things to happen in recent history, and will be remembered for the rest of time as one of humanity’s darkest moments. However, as horrible as this event was, it was a valuable lesson in racism and persecution. Hitler and nazis are, today, considered the epitome of evil, and often others are called either of those to describe someone who is evil in nature or by actions; the impact of that event has been ingrained into our culture. This lesson is valuable to us because we will likely have to deal with a lot of aliens that are genetically inferior to us, which could be used as an excuse for hatred and persecution towards them. It would be enough of a problem that it could entice events similar to the ones in WWII. Apparently racism is a very likely issue to arise from interaction with aliens of a great variety, and learning about racial persecution is important enough to have it experienced first hand at a price of human dignity and the lives of many people. The more people die in such events the more memorable they become, and the event happened at a time where enough documentation could be made to capture and record the inhumanity these people had to go through. This of course is not the only lesson to be had from WWII, but is a perfect example of some of the greater evils that happen in the world that have a non-obvious purpose to us at this time. Also, it should be noted that there have been many other instances in history where greater numbers were killed, it is just that this event has a much higher importance which is why it is remembered, and covered by all media, much more than the other events.

Some of you may be also wondering about the events of 9/11, and this too is something that the aliens have orchestrated. I believe this, along with the rest of the conflicts muslim extremists have with the western world, is about teaching us about the issues some aliens and cultures will have with westernization and the invasion of ideas into their societies, and the great lengths they will go to combat that, which is something we will also likely run into.

Please note that I am not saying everything that happens in history is for a purpose, but that all of the major events that have the biggest impact, history wise, have a specific purpose. Also, i am not a historian and i have not studied everything that these aliens have left behind for us to learn from. But the aliens have told me that indeed our history is a treasure trove, and that we have much to learn from it. They designed everything around us to prepare us for the outside universe, and history is one of those things.

Earth’s Discoverability (A Race Against Time)

GalaxyWe have not discovered alien life on other planets. Our telescopes are not sensitive enough to pick up on weak artificial radio emissions from hundreds of light years away. And the sky is too broad for us to listen to all areas of the sky at all times, we are only listening to a tiny fraction of the sky at any given moment. Aliens, however, are much more likely to be listening to planets like ours, given how advanced their radio telescopes can get, meaning that we could indeed be discovered by aliens before we discover them.

Our planet, however, cannot be found yet because of the speed at which light travels and how recent our technological advancement has been. Our radio emissions, such as radio broadcasts and nuclear bomb activity, have only started appearing in the 30’s and 40’s. Our galaxy is 100,000 light years across. Even if the nearest technologically advanced civilization is just 150 light years away, we would still have another 70 years until we could be found. And, unfortunately, we are not likely to be visited any time soon because of this. Our galaxy is so vast and the amount of stars in it is so ridiculously enormous that they have no reason to come here unless there was something specifically interesting about this part of space, like signs of a new intelligent life form.

But our discoverability, or lack of it, is something the aliens managing earth depend on. Part of the requirements of the earth project is that we would be completely isolated from alien influence. They need us to be disconnected from the outside universe so their own presence and influence would remain secret (to us), and that our development won’t be affected by the availability of more advanced technology during the early stages (competition would be hard to beat). So they actually have a relatively small timeframe to progress our technological development, because of the necessity of development of radio and nuclear technologies, to be prepared for assimilation with the outside universe. This is why technology has advanced at such an unimaginable pace in just the past 100 years compared to the rest of human history, and keeps advancing at an exponential rate. But one may ask, if they don’t want us to be found, wouldn’t the show I am in reveal our location? It wouldn’t. No actual coordinates are being revealed, and any other method of deciphering our location from clues, such as our visible constellations and the movement of visible stars across time, would be futile because of the great number of stars in our galaxy and the too numerous possible results from such a search.

So as you can see, the aliens and us are at a race against time. The clock is ticking while we progress our development to be prepared for the time of our introduction to the greater galactic ecosystem.

Alien Mentality

I have been in contact with aliens for the past 5 years. I have been picked to play a role in advertising earth to an alien audience; they have been closely monitoring and directing humans to serve a purpose which involves stimulating the greater galactic economies. This has put me at the heart of popular entertainment production that is directed at aliens. I have learned of their taste in entertainment, and thus, indirectly, their mentality.

Paul (2011)A lot of people have a specific image in their head when they think of aliens: the grey alien. It is an image that has been popularized by sci-fi media, it is our main perception of a space faring alien race that we could possibly imagine would visit earth. It is what we think of when we imagine aliens that have advanced their technology and genetics millions of years ahead of us. This, however, is very misleading. Advancing technology and society for millions of years does not necessarily lead to improvement. Society is mostly driven by basic emotional needs which is catered to by companies that only follow demand and not progress in general. And for this reason we, and all other aliens, will continue to watch television now and in millions of years from now, albeit in more advanced forms.

They too enjoy drama, sci-fi, action and suspense, and especially humor. But not the type that us humans couldn’t enjoy today. Actually, a lot of the entertainment we consume today was designed by them and introduced into our culture by them. They too have masses that are largely dumb and enjoy junk entertainment like reality television. The main difference from our entertainment is that they also use technologically enabled telepathy to better consume entertainment. They also have absolutely no censorship and are in fact advised to provoke controversy whenever possible. They have shown desire for wealth, sex, and sometimes even drugs, and have most of the same vices that we have today.

There was a period at the start of the show, when they first revealed their true alien nature, where they produced drama by taking the form of different characters and pose sometimes as my friends and sometimes as my enemies. They would try to get an emotional connection with me and gain my trust, while the bad guys would always betray it and would mock me for being stupid, and the whole game was me trying to wise up and not fall for their tricks. The sci-fi part was more during the imagination based movies that involved giant computer AI’s that had mind control abilities over everything on earth; or that the whole show is in fact a production of a slave race that is forced to produce entertainment for the free aliens using earth. Their humor is often dirty, and very dark at times, and sometimes they just make funny videos, using facial expressions and strategically placed gestures and tone of voice. These videos are presented in two different ways simultaneously, once as a regular screening that has no significant meaning to all other viewers, and a second that has an extra meaning that is understood only by me, with added messages in my head that make the desired effect on the video, akin to dubbing a video with a different context that can, among other things, produce hilarious results.

So as you can tell, they are not exactly the grey aliens we imagine them to be. Although they have mentioned the existence of such aliens, they are as rare and ‘alien’ to them as aliens are to us. Meaning that the greys are considered an extremely advanced race that do not even come from our galaxy. Although I believe the technology used in managing Earth comes in part from them.

Earth as a Technological Powerhouse

Aliens have dedicated alot of time and effort on Earth and the technologies used here. They plan, at a certain point, to introduce us to the outside universe and its economic ecosystem at which point we will contribute to the further development of certain economies within our galaxy. This is why they are here and why we are here. They have already begun to showcase earth and its technologies by producing this alien tv show that I play a role in.

EarthBut one may ask, why would they demonstrate our technologies if they probably have much more powerful computers than we have today, and if our technology is provided by them, wouldn’t that mean they already have these technologies? The answer to this is he/she is both right and wrong. The aliens do have much more advanced computers than we currently have and are capable of many more things than we are, but they do not have the perfect conditions for establishing this common platform called the Internet, and hence don’t have the potential that earth technologies have. For something like the internet to exist you would need a global effort and agreement between all parties to collaborate and harbor the development of something like the Internet at such a global scale and success. In other words, because we are essentially an ecosystem grown and managed within a lab the size of a planet, we have the perfect conditions for utilizing something like the internet to its fullest potential. This makes the internet, and all technologies that come with it, unique to earth. So even though our computers are currently much weaker, we are already capable of of things that the aliens couldn’t dream of. One real life example of this is when I wanted to listen to radio from other countries. All I had to do was download an app on my iPhone that had access to all major stations around the globe over the internet. All of a sudden I had radio, which normally was limited to devices with radio receivers and only to local stations, from anywhere on the planet. They noted how simple it was for me, suggesting they couldn’t do that where they are at.

Earth will be, and to some extent already is, a technological powerhouse. Technology and everything digital will be our main advantage. We have been positioned in a fairly distant part from the center of our galaxy where physical proximity would have been an advantage for more traditional exchange of resources. Our part in the galactic economy will be more in the form of R&D and communication based services, where we will produce software and internet services (exchanged over galactic networks), as opposed to providing computer hardware and advanced electronics, although it would have been possible had we been close to the center. This is because they are advancing our hardware technology at an exponential rate. They have even made it predictable by following a pattern called Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a chip, and hence computer power, available to the average consumer will double every 1.5 years, and it has been true and quite accurate ever since the invention of the integrated circuit. The fact they have made it predictable means they probably have a specific deadline for when earth’s quarantine bubble will burst.

The internet as a communication platform enables many groundbreaking changes that challenges traditional foundations. One example is file sharing, where the media industry has been hurt by the most because they couldn’t monetize on it and labeled it as copyright violations. And bitcoin is another example. If successful it stands to disrupt all banks and financial institutions. And thanks to the internet, 3D printing will allow anyone to print almost anything which could hurt all commerce that’s dependent on physical products. But all these do not make the internet a bad thing, it will only mean that commerce in general will have to adapt to a digital age. You take down one industry, and create 100 more. This will only prepare us for what we will most excel at, which is the digital realm, and allow us to contribute to the greater economic ecosystem.

Alien Entertainment Through Mind-Reading

Aliens have control over every major field on earth, I have explained in detail about their relationship with earth and what they are doing here. Today they are working on advertising this huge project which is the human product. And what is the best way to do that? By producing popular entertainment within the context of earth. It solves the issue of public awareness and the issue of showcasing earth and its technologies. And I take a part of this initiative. I have been picked by them to play a role in a reality show that is a sort of an alien big brother.

alien watching tvThe other part of this show is me playing as my self in scripted movies produced by them. But these are not the cinema type of movies that are video and audio based; these are movies that are mind-reading based, where imagination, emotions, and thoughts, and the authentic reactions of an individual to extraordinary situations, are the main forms of entertainment.

The movies I have experienced are numerous and outlandish in nature. Some examples of movies include: aliens that can predict the future who use me to advertise their prediction business; earth is a virtual reality program and we are all a piece of software, including myself, and I have become popular as an AI that is viewed by real aliens for entertainment; god is actually a robot sent here to build a civilization, and each religion was caused by a reboot, or a reincarnation, of god that has been hogged down by memory overload; and many more. These extremely short synopses, of course, don’t do these movies justice. Each movie has well developed plot and characters, which I will further elaborate on in detail in future posts.

Mind reading is a technology that we will eventually attain for ourselves as well, and when we do it will change the way we communicate as well as, among other things, the way we consume entertainment. Reality shows have become very popular, as seen by the trend in television in recent years, and mind reading gives you a more sophisticated and by far more interesting form of reality television. This is because peeking into someone’s soul is the deepest most personal way we can sympathize with characters on television. Video and audio effects will be dwarfed by the benifits mind-reading gives you and will become primitive tools in cinematic productions.

Being in this type of show has its price and has its benefits. One benefit is I get to know things that very few, if any, people on earth know. I also get to have extraordinary experiences that couldn’t be attained in any other way, which is something the aliens have pointed out and thought this is something I should be appreciative of. On the other hand I am effectively delusional during these movies, as I have to believe everything they say so that they get the best, most authentic, reactions out of me. And this is not such a great thing once you realize that I have to experience fear, stress, and anxiety as well among other emotions. In fact most of my experiences have been unpleasant, which is why I have titled my blog “God Damn Aliens”.

Alien Big Brother

Alien Big Brother

Alien Big Brother

Almost everything on the planet can be attributed to alien influence. Especially everything revolving around the show I was put in. One example is the Big Brother television franchise that has become very popular around the globe.

My relationship with the aliens revolves around a reality show where they follow me 24/7, that is viewable by an alien audience. The nature of the show is that of personal expression about whatever topic that I happen to stumble upon. It is like voicing a diary that happens through the medium of thoughts. I think about a certain topic, and the aliens pick it up on their tv’s in a technologically advanced alien fashion.

Big Brother is a reality show where contestants live in an isolated house that is monitored at all times, at every corner of the house. They basically cannot escape being watched or listened to during the whole period of the show, while most of the time just being themselves.

As you can see, Big Brother and the show I am in strike a resemblance. This is because the idea of Big Brother and its popularity is a creation of the aliens. They have used it as something to represent the show I am in. The Big Brother figure, which was created in the book 1984 and is the all seeing all knowing figure of the monitored society, represents aliens and their role on earth. Big Brother, the reality show, represents the show I am in that is an integral part in the presentation of earth to an alien audience.

The start of my show coincides with the time Big Brother first began appearing on television in my country. It had alot of usage at the beginning part of my show, and is one of the first things that revealed to me the extent of the aliens’ power and influence on earth.

You can further read about my role with the aliens and their mission with earth in previous posts.

Technologically Enabled Telepathy

I telepathically communicate with aliens. But it is not telepathy in the supernatural sense, it is telepathy enabled by technology they have placed around earth. They send their messages over an interstellar computer network based on quantum teleportation and the messages reach earth where control nodes deliver them to recipients through neural stimulation and their mind interprets the message.

On earth we have Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), which allows stimulating neurons in a non-invasive method using electromagnets. Although at its current state it is far from possible to use it for mind control, it is a proof of concept that areas of the brain could be activated by an external source, hinting at the possibility of mind control using technology. August 27, 2013 update: see this article which shows our first steps of using this technology.

Although aliens use this technology mainly for therapeutic, telepathic, and computer interface purposes, the aliens who manage earth use it for mind control, or directly controlling the actions and thoughts of individuals on earth without their knowledge. And it could be argued that what they are doing here is extremely unethical and probably illegal (at least on other planets where this technology is available), and violates basic human rights like freedom of thought.

The telepathy I experience can be in various forms. It could be through the use of the speech area of the brain where words are thought of, similar to when you read the words in a book and basically the words are spoken in your mind. A more sophisticated form is through pure thoughts, where meanings are exchanged and not words which is how you normally think and analyze the world. It allows for perfect empathy and it has many levels, from clear conscious thoughts to deep sub-conscious thoughts that are hard to detect by the thinking individual. Another form is what I call “drugging”, because it is about general effects on the mind and not specific thoughts or ideas. It deals with how things feel rather than what is said. It can control moods, emotions, and sensations, similar to how drugs (either legal or illegal) can affect your mind. They can make you depressed, happy, or even high, without having any earthly causes for these effects.

Normally you wouldn’t be able to tell apart between your own thoughts and feelings from the ones telepathically transferred to your mind. I am able to tell because I know when to expect them, they often make it apparent when it’s their message, and I have become more sensitive when differentiating between thoughts that originate from my own cognition and the ones that are foreign. However, if the aliens wanted to, they can make their messages appear as my own, so I still do not always know when I am being myself or not.

I Communicate with Aliens

When I tell people I communicate with aliens, they immediately think there is something wrong with me. And I understand them. It is not normal to be hearing things in your head, and it is usually associated with schizophrenia. I just happen to be in an extremely unusual situation where complete strangers from another planet have an odd reason to communicate with me. I have explained before about my role with the aliens, and as you can see it is an extremely unusual circumstance I am in. But none the less, it is what it is and I have no better explanation for it.

But how do I know I’m not simply schizophrenic? I have partially explained before what i consider to be proof of communication, but I have tons of other proof that I communicate with aliens every day and it just seems impossible that they are not real. I have tried many times to look at it from a mental illness perspective but it just seems extremely unlikely with what I’m exposed to every day.

But the communication alone barely touches on the weirdness of it all. I have been given plenty of information about their technology and why they are here. And explaining what I know will also seem like I am delusional as well, and with a very wild imagination. But this is not some kind reality I am living through without questioning, it is things i have been told and have inspected again and again.

What I know is that they control everything on earth, and have complete surveillance over everything. I have explained before about what they do here more thoroughly. And there are tons of other things I would like to share, but that is for other posts because it is too much to explain in this post alone.

Managing Earth From A Distance

Aliens manage everything here on earth, but they are not actually physically here. So how do they do everything they do here on earth? It turns out they manage this using a technological infrastructure they installed here that is managed through quantum teleportation.

Quantum Link

Quantum teleportation is a physical phenomenon, described by quantum entanglement, where the quantum property of a particle can be remotely affected by interacting with another particle with which it is entangled, at an indefinite distance and instantaneously. Albert Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”. And it is if you think about it, how you can do something at a distance without anything in the middle to deliver your action, one might even compare it to magic.

Quantum teleportation, though, is used only for transfer of information, as you can only transfer the quantum property and not force or matter. This, still, makes it tremendously useful, at least for communication. Using this, the aliens are able to create computer networks that span the entire galaxy. We can see how useful this can be just by looking at the Internet here on earth as an example.

We have not been able to transfer useful information through quantum teleportation, and it is theorized that it is not even possible. But, according to what they told me, it is possible and very useful.

But even with quantum teleportation, they would still need to physically transport their technology all the way over here to do physical work. This means that they probably put cloaked satellites in orbit around earth, or planted under ground nodes, that can do physical manipulation at a relatively short distance. Once they installed this infrastructure, they are able to have telepresence and live supervision within earth’s perimeter.

So although we can’t see or touch aliens at this time, we are still able to communicate with them, which is what I have been doing for the past four years.

My Role

My communication with the aliens started in 2008. Since then alot of things had been said and done, and by today I have learned what they want from me and why.

I am not a person of authority and I have no significant importance anywhere in our society. So what do they want from me? It turns out they have been with me all my life, without my knowledge, monitoring and directing my life so that one day I will be used for a purpose that affects an important part of the earth/human project. I was to be used for advertising the earth/human project and everything that happens here to an alien audience. This is achieved by putting me in a show that follows my life and my interaction with the aliens, who are actually entertainers.

This means that I occasionally have be inside scripted imagination based movies in which I am the main character. Unfortunately, this involves having delusions and experiences similar to a schizophrenic’s. On most days, however, I am simply watched for speaking out my mind, akin to blogging, and communicating with the aliens on certain topics. A part of my job is to follow world news relating to technological developments on earth.

And all of this is done without my choosing. They just assigned this role to me and make sure that I do as they wish. I couldn’t resist even if I wanted to; they keep me cooperative through mind control.

Aliens’ Relationship With Earth

I have talked about alot of things with the aliens. I have a special role that requires me talk about and know about certain things. One of those things was about earth and it’s role in our galaxy.

The relationship between earth and the aliens has a long history. Earth was discovered millions of years ago and had been claimed by a real estate alien corporation. Ownership of earth has exchanged hands since then, and along with it changed its purpose. Today it is owned by a company that develops infrastructures and human capital on habitable planets for government projects. Upon completion of the development stage, these planets are used as means to stimulate the economies of the financing governments.

This is achieved using an entire planet, alot of time, and full control over the lives of the inhabitants of the planet. For maximum effectiveness and unhindered management, the inhabitants themselves must not be aware they are being governed and controlled by the overseers of the project. They place cloaked control nodes around the planet to directly control the inhabitants, which are based on very advanced technology in the area of remote mind control and surveillance. Using this technology they are able to control every aspect of the inhabitants’ lives around the planet and are able to build the self-sustained infrastructures required for the project.

Now, since the subjects of the project are not aware of their governance, and what they are doing there, then they need to be created on the planet along with heritage and evolutionary roots, and, essentially, claim the planet as their home.

Considering that the subjects of the project did not consent to being controlled and governed and have no elected representatives, and that being mind controlled without one’s knowledge may be considered unethical, it is right to assume that once released from alien control and informed about their true role and purpose, the subjects may denounce the aliens and what they tried to achieve. However, the subjects are much better off in prosperity compared to most other alien nations at the moment of release, and they can enjoy the fact they are finally released without any remnants of direct alien control. Because of this, the subjects of successful projects tend to be thankful and appreciative of their relationship with the aliens, and proceed with economic cooperation and fulfilling their role in the project.

So this is where we are today. We have been created by an alien corporation and are secretly being governed by them. And, yes, this means that almost everything we see around us is thanks to them. Most of our intellectual, societal, technological, and economic achievements are thanks to them. This will go on until one day, when we are fully prepared, we will make the first official contact with aliens and proceed with the next phase of the project.

We are considered lucky because we get all this free valuable infrastructure, knowledge, and technology. So we are essentially “rich” compared to our struggling alien neighbors.

Proof of Communication with Aliens

A thing that has been bothering me lately is how do I prove to myself, and others, that im communicating with aliens. After all, they don’t leave any physical proof of their existence, and it is all telepathy based that happens only with me so I am basically the only witness to their existence.

To me there is plenty of proof every day, simply because of the communication. They tell me things I could not have known myself, and they tell me about the things they do on earth that later turned out to be true. However, without any physical proof or a second witness, all these things are just coincidences and luck to someone who is skeptical about my communication with them. I wish I could somehow record some of their messages which they leave in the media and the internet, but they won’t mean anything to someone else without the context of my communication with them. Running into things that show both message and context are rare, and so far i have managed to screenshot one such event on my computer, but it is still not strong enough proof (ie could be explained as just a coincidence). It is a message of them deciding to cut off my internet at the exact same moment i lost connection, it is a screenshot showing both.

But somehow I believe that I just need to find a good way to explain how communication with them is proven by the fact that that there is a separate entity with which I am communicating, and that the voices/messages don’t originate from my own wild imagination. Now that I think about it, it sounds like it could be hard to do. Think about how someone with a split personality could be perceived as two separate people without the knowledge of them inhabiting the same body. I believe the proof lies where certain things are said by them could not have originated from me.

I have thought about it and have found the proof. It’s based on the fact that many times they say things that have an underlying premise that i did not know about before, and once revealing the premise to me it explains other previous things they have told me. In other words, they tell me things that can only be explained by the fact that someone has planned the content of the messages, without me being aware of the details of the plans. Their messages just fit with other things they say in ways i could not have orchestrated myself and was not aware of. This type of proof has happened very often and is unlikely to be a consequence of pure coincidence, or a fabrication of my own cognition as I don’t plan, or pick and choose, the things I hear.

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Hi, I would like to stay anonymous. But in this blog I will explain and detail about the relationship I have with aliens. Yes. Aliens. Thats nutty but that is the reality. They are real and they have presence here (although just a technological one).

I communicate with aliens every day. Usually about mundane stuff. But occasionally I will have an imagination based adventure with them. Unfortunately that requires some delusions and the possibility of getting hurt.

I have created this blog so that I would document the things that happen in our relationship, as well as reveal things about what they have told me. It’s some crazy shit, so feel free to put on your skeptic hat when I post about them.

While reading these posts I suggest keeping an open mind.

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