Alien Mentality

I have been in contact with aliens for the past 5 years. I have been picked to play a role in advertising earth to an alien audience; they have been closely monitoring and directing humans to serve a purpose which involves stimulating the greater galactic economies. This has put me at the heart of popular entertainment production that is directed at aliens. I have learned of their taste in entertainment, and thus, indirectly, their mentality.

Paul (2011)A lot of people have a specific image in their head when they think of aliens: the grey alien. It is an image that has been popularized by sci-fi media, it is our main perception of a space faring alien race that we could possibly imagine would visit earth. It is what we think of when we imagine aliens that have advanced their technology and genetics millions of years ahead of us. This, however, is very misleading. Advancing technology and society for millions of years does not necessarily lead to improvement. Society is mostly driven by basic emotional needs which is catered to by companies that only follow demand and not progress in general. And for this reason we, and all other aliens, will continue to watch television now and in millions of years from now, albeit in more advanced forms.

They too enjoy drama, sci-fi, action and suspense, and especially humor. But not the type that us humans couldn’t enjoy today. Actually, a lot of the entertainment we consume today was designed by them and introduced into our culture by them. They too have masses that are largely dumb and enjoy junk entertainment like reality television. The main difference from our entertainment is that they also use technologically enabled telepathy to better consume entertainment. They also have absolutely no censorship and are in fact advised to provoke controversy whenever possible. They have shown desire for wealth, sex, and sometimes even drugs, and have most of the same vices that we have today.

There was a period at the start of the show, when they first revealed their true alien nature, where they produced drama by taking the form of different characters and pose sometimes as my friends and sometimes as my enemies. They would try to get an emotional connection with me and gain my trust, while the bad guys would always betray it and would mock me for being stupid, and the whole game was me trying to wise up and not fall for their tricks. The sci-fi part was more during the imagination based movies that involved giant computer AI’s that had mind control abilities over everything on earth; or that the whole show is in fact a production of a slave race that is forced to produce entertainment for the free aliens using earth. Their humor is often dirty, and very dark at times, and sometimes they just make funny videos, using facial expressions and strategically placed gestures and tone of voice. These videos are presented in two different ways simultaneously, once as a regular screening that has no significant meaning to all other viewers, and a second that has an extra meaning that is understood only by me, with added messages in my head that make the desired effect on the video, akin to dubbing a video with a different context that can, among other things, produce hilarious results.

So as you can tell, they are not exactly the grey aliens we imagine them to be. Although they have mentioned the existence of such aliens, they are as rare and ‘alien’ to them as aliens are to us. Meaning that the greys are considered an extremely advanced race that do not even come from our galaxy. Although I believe the technology used in managing Earth comes in part from them.


Earth as a Technological Powerhouse

Aliens have dedicated alot of time and effort on Earth and the technologies used here. They plan, at a certain point, to introduce us to the outside universe and its economic ecosystem at which point we will contribute to the further development of certain economies within our galaxy. This is why they are here and why we are here. They have already begun to showcase earth and its technologies by producing this alien tv show that I play a role in.

EarthBut one may ask, why would they demonstrate our technologies if they probably have much more powerful computers than we have today, and if our technology is provided by them, wouldn’t that mean they already have these technologies? The answer to this is he/she is both right and wrong. The aliens do have much more advanced computers than we currently have and are capable of many more things than we are, but they do not have the perfect conditions for establishing this common platform called the Internet, and hence don’t have the potential that earth technologies have. For something like the internet to exist you would need a global effort and agreement between all parties to collaborate and harbor the development of something like the Internet at such a global scale and success. In other words, because we are essentially an ecosystem grown and managed within a lab the size of a planet, we have the perfect conditions for utilizing something like the internet to its fullest potential. This makes the internet, and all technologies that come with it, unique to earth. So even though our computers are currently much weaker, we are already capable of of things that the aliens couldn’t dream of. One real life example of this is when I wanted to listen to radio from other countries. All I had to do was download an app on my iPhone that had access to all major stations around the globe over the internet. All of a sudden I had radio, which normally was limited to devices with radio receivers and only to local stations, from anywhere on the planet. They noted how simple it was for me, suggesting they couldn’t do that where they are at.

Earth will be, and to some extent already is, a technological powerhouse. Technology and everything digital will be our main advantage. We have been positioned in a fairly distant part from the center of our galaxy where physical proximity would have been an advantage for more traditional exchange of resources. Our part in the galactic economy will be more in the form of R&D and communication based services, where we will produce software and internet services (exchanged over galactic networks), as opposed to providing computer hardware and advanced electronics, although it would have been possible had we been close to the center. This is because they are advancing our hardware technology at an exponential rate. They have even made it predictable by following a pattern called Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a chip, and hence computer power, available to the average consumer will double every 1.5 years, and it has been true and quite accurate ever since the invention of the integrated circuit. The fact they have made it predictable means they probably have a specific deadline for when earth’s quarantine bubble will burst.

The internet as a communication platform enables many groundbreaking changes that challenges traditional foundations. One example is file sharing, where the media industry has been hurt by the most because they couldn’t monetize on it and labeled it as copyright violations. And bitcoin is another example. If successful it stands to disrupt all banks and financial institutions. And thanks to the internet, 3D printing will allow anyone to print almost anything which could hurt all commerce that’s dependent on physical products. But all these do not make the internet a bad thing, it will only mean that commerce in general will have to adapt to a digital age. You take down one industry, and create 100 more. This will only prepare us for what we will most excel at, which is the digital realm, and allow us to contribute to the greater economic ecosystem.

Alien Big Brother

Alien Big Brother

Alien Big Brother

Almost everything on the planet can be attributed to alien influence. Especially everything revolving around the show I was put in. One example is the Big Brother television franchise that has become very popular around the globe.

My relationship with the aliens revolves around a reality show where they follow me 24/7, that is viewable by an alien audience. The nature of the show is that of personal expression about whatever topic that I happen to stumble upon. It is like voicing a diary that happens through the medium of thoughts. I think about a certain topic, and the aliens pick it up on their tv’s in a technologically advanced alien fashion.

Big Brother is a reality show where contestants live in an isolated house that is monitored at all times, at every corner of the house. They basically cannot escape being watched or listened to during the whole period of the show, while most of the time just being themselves.

As you can see, Big Brother and the show I am in strike a resemblance. This is because the idea of Big Brother and its popularity is a creation of the aliens. They have used it as something to represent the show I am in. The Big Brother figure, which was created in the book 1984 and is the all seeing all knowing figure of the monitored society, represents aliens and their role on earth. Big Brother, the reality show, represents the show I am in that is an integral part in the presentation of earth to an alien audience.

The start of my show coincides with the time Big Brother first began appearing on television in my country. It had alot of usage at the beginning part of my show, and is one of the first things that revealed to me the extent of the aliens’ power and influence on earth.

You can further read about my role with the aliens and their mission with earth in previous posts.