Alien Big Brother

Alien Big Brother

Alien Big Brother

Almost everything on the planet can be attributed to alien influence. Especially everything revolving around the show I was put in. One example is the Big Brother television franchise that has become very popular around the globe.

My relationship with the aliens revolves around a reality show where they follow me 24/7, that is viewable by an alien audience. The nature of the show is that of personal expression about whatever topic that I happen to stumble upon. It is like voicing a diary that happens through the medium of thoughts. I think about a certain topic, and the aliens pick it up on their tv’s in a technologically advanced alien fashion.

Big Brother is a reality show where contestants live in an isolated house that is monitored at all times, at every corner of the house. They basically cannot escape being watched or listened to during the whole period of the show, while most of the time just being themselves.

As you can see, Big Brother and the show I am in strike a resemblance. This is because the idea of Big Brother and its popularity is a creation of the aliens. They have used it as something to represent the show I am in. The Big Brother figure, which was created in the book 1984 and is the all seeing all knowing figure of the monitored society, represents aliens and their role on earth. Big Brother, the reality show, represents the show I am in that is an integral part in the presentation of earth to an alien audience.

The start of my show coincides with the time Big Brother first began appearing on television in my country. It had alot of usage at the beginning part of my show, and is one of the first things that revealed to me the extent of the aliens’ power and influence on earth.

You can further read about my role with the aliens and their mission with earth in previous posts.