Treasure Trove of Human History

Aliens have been with us during our whole existence as humans. They created us to serve a greater purpose within our galaxy. They control everything about us such as technological advancements, societal progress, and economic prosperity, as well as the path of human history. That is, until we will be released from direct alien control.

Ancient Aliens from the "History" ChannelHuman history will serve a dual purpose for us as humans in the Earth project. First, as a definition of identity and heritage for the human race, and second, as the acquirement of valuable lessons which will be of use to us during the period of independence and assimilation with the outside universe. Our history is rich with great empires, thinkers, and wonders, that all contribute to our appreciation of our race and helped in advancing it. But we also have many dark moments in history that may appear at first as the work of evil people, or an evil god, if there was one. But everything has it’s purpose and something to learn from, even if it means paying a hefty price for the people living during those times in history.

One example of this was World War II and the holocaust, where 6,000,000 jews were sent into concentration camps, killed, and persecuted in the most inhumane ways. This is probably one of the worst things to happen in recent history, and will be remembered for the rest of time as one of humanity’s darkest moments. However, as horrible as this event was, it was a valuable lesson in racism and persecution. Hitler and nazis are, today, considered the epitome of evil, and often others are called either of those to describe someone who is evil in nature or by actions; the impact of that event has been ingrained into our culture. This lesson is valuable to us because we will likely have to deal with a lot of aliens that are genetically inferior to us, which could be used as an excuse for hatred and persecution towards them. It would be enough of a problem that it could entice events similar to the ones in WWII. Apparently racism is a very likely issue to arise from interaction with aliens of a great variety, and learning about racial persecution is important enough to have it experienced first hand at a price of human dignity and the lives of many people. The more people die in such events the more memorable they become, and the event happened at a time where enough documentation could be made to capture and record the inhumanity these people had to go through. This of course is not the only lesson to be had from WWII, but is a perfect example of some of the greater evils that happen in the world that have a non-obvious purpose to us at this time. Also, it should be noted that there have been many other instances in history where greater numbers were killed, it is just that this event has a much higher importance which is why it is remembered, and covered by all media, much more than the other events.

Some of you may be also wondering about the events of 9/11, and this too is something that the aliens have orchestrated. I believe this, along with the rest of the conflicts muslim extremists have with the western world, is about teaching us about the issues some aliens and cultures will have with westernization and the invasion of ideas into their societies, and the great lengths they will go to combat that, which is something we will also likely run into.

Please note that I am not saying everything that happens in history is for a purpose, but that all of the major events that have the biggest impact, history wise, have a specific purpose. Also, i am not a historian and i have not studied everything that these aliens have left behind for us to learn from. But the aliens have told me that indeed our history is a treasure trove, and that we have much to learn from it. They designed everything around us to prepare us for the outside universe, and history is one of those things.


Earth’s Discoverability (A Race Against Time)

GalaxyWe have not discovered alien life on other planets. Our telescopes are not sensitive enough to pick up on weak artificial radio emissions from hundreds of light years away. And the sky is too broad for us to listen to all areas of the sky at all times, we are only listening to a tiny fraction of the sky at any given moment. Aliens, however, are much more likely to be listening to planets like ours, given how advanced their radio telescopes can get, meaning that we could indeed be discovered by aliens before we discover them.

Our planet, however, cannot be found yet because of the speed at which light travels and how recent our technological advancement has been. Our radio emissions, such as radio broadcasts and nuclear bomb activity, have only started appearing in the 30’s and 40’s. Our galaxy is 100,000 light years across. Even if the nearest technologically advanced civilization is just 150 light years away, we would still have another 70 years until we could be found. And, unfortunately, we are not likely to be visited any time soon because of this. Our galaxy is so vast and the amount of stars in it is so ridiculously enormous that they have no reason to come here unless there was something specifically interesting about this part of space, like signs of a new intelligent life form.

But our discoverability, or lack of it, is something the aliens managing earth depend on. Part of the requirements of the earth project is that we would be completely isolated from alien influence. They need us to be disconnected from the outside universe so their own presence and influence would remain secret (to us), and that our development won’t be affected by the availability of more advanced technology during the early stages (competition would be hard to beat). So they actually have a relatively small timeframe to progress our technological development, because of the necessity of development of radio and nuclear technologies, to be prepared for assimilation with the outside universe. This is why technology has advanced at such an unimaginable pace in just the past 100 years compared to the rest of human history, and keeps advancing at an exponential rate. But one may ask, if they don’t want us to be found, wouldn’t the show I am in reveal our location? It wouldn’t. No actual coordinates are being revealed, and any other method of deciphering our location from clues, such as our visible constellations and the movement of visible stars across time, would be futile because of the great number of stars in our galaxy and the too numerous possible results from such a search.

So as you can see, the aliens and us are at a race against time. The clock is ticking while we progress our development to be prepared for the time of our introduction to the greater galactic ecosystem.

Aliens’ Relationship With Earth

I have talked about alot of things with the aliens. I have a special role that requires me talk about and know about certain things. One of those things was about earth and it’s role in our galaxy.

The relationship between earth and the aliens has a long history. Earth was discovered millions of years ago and had been claimed by a real estate alien corporation. Ownership of earth has exchanged hands since then, and along with it changed its purpose. Today it is owned by a company that develops infrastructures and human capital on habitable planets for government projects. Upon completion of the development stage, these planets are used as means to stimulate the economies of the financing governments.

This is achieved using an entire planet, alot of time, and full control over the lives of the inhabitants of the planet. For maximum effectiveness and unhindered management, the inhabitants themselves must not be aware they are being governed and controlled by the overseers of the project. They place cloaked control nodes around the planet to directly control the inhabitants, which are based on very advanced technology in the area of remote mind control and surveillance. Using this technology they are able to control every aspect of the inhabitants’ lives around the planet and are able to build the self-sustained infrastructures required for the project.

Now, since the subjects of the project are not aware of their governance, and what they are doing there, then they need to be created on the planet along with heritage and evolutionary roots, and, essentially, claim the planet as their home.

Considering that the subjects of the project did not consent to being controlled and governed and have no elected representatives, and that being mind controlled without one’s knowledge may be considered unethical, it is right to assume that once released from alien control and informed about their true role and purpose, the subjects may denounce the aliens and what they tried to achieve. However, the subjects are much better off in prosperity compared to most other alien nations at the moment of release, and they can enjoy the fact they are finally released without any remnants of direct alien control. Because of this, the subjects of successful projects tend to be thankful and appreciative of their relationship with the aliens, and proceed with economic cooperation and fulfilling their role in the project.

So this is where we are today. We have been created by an alien corporation and are secretly being governed by them. And, yes, this means that almost everything we see around us is thanks to them. Most of our intellectual, societal, technological, and economic achievements are thanks to them. This will go on until one day, when we are fully prepared, we will make the first official contact with aliens and proceed with the next phase of the project.

We are considered lucky because we get all this free valuable infrastructure, knowledge, and technology. So we are essentially “rich” compared to our struggling alien neighbors.