Alien Mentality

I have been in contact with aliens for the past 5 years. I have been picked to play a role in advertising earth to an alien audience; they have been closely monitoring and directing humans to serve a purpose which involves stimulating the greater galactic economies. This has put me at the heart of popular entertainment production that is directed at aliens. I have learned of their taste in entertainment, and thus, indirectly, their mentality.

Paul (2011)A lot of people have a specific image in their head when they think of aliens: the grey alien. It is an image that has been popularized by sci-fi media, it is our main perception of a space faring alien race that we could possibly imagine would visit earth. It is what we think of when we imagine aliens that have advanced their technology and genetics millions of years ahead of us. This, however, is very misleading. Advancing technology and society for millions of years does not necessarily lead to improvement. Society is mostly driven by basic emotional needs which is catered to by companies that only follow demand and not progress in general. And for this reason we, and all other aliens, will continue to watch television now and in millions of years from now, albeit in more advanced forms.

They too enjoy drama, sci-fi, action and suspense, and especially humor. But not the type that us humans couldn’t enjoy today. Actually, a lot of the entertainment we consume today was designed by them and introduced into our culture by them. They too have masses that are largely dumb and enjoy junk entertainment like reality television. The main difference from our entertainment is that they also use technologically enabled telepathy to better consume entertainment. They also have absolutely no censorship and are in fact advised to provoke controversy whenever possible. They have shown desire for wealth, sex, and sometimes even drugs, and have most of the same vices that we have today.

There was a period at the start of the show, when they first revealed their true alien nature, where they produced drama by taking the form of different characters and pose sometimes as my friends and sometimes as my enemies. They would try to get an emotional connection with me and gain my trust, while the bad guys would always betray it and would mock me for being stupid, and the whole game was me trying to wise up and not fall for their tricks. The sci-fi part was more during the imagination based movies that involved giant computer AI’s that had mind control abilities over everything on earth; or that the whole show is in fact a production of a slave race that is forced to produce entertainment for the free aliens using earth. Their humor is often dirty, and very dark at times, and sometimes they just make funny videos, using facial expressions and strategically placed gestures and tone of voice. These videos are presented in two different ways simultaneously, once as a regular screening that has no significant meaning to all other viewers, and a second that has an extra meaning that is understood only by me, with added messages in my head that make the desired effect on the video, akin to dubbing a video with a different context that can, among other things, produce hilarious results.

So as you can tell, they are not exactly the grey aliens we imagine them to be. Although they have mentioned the existence of such aliens, they are as rare and ‘alien’ to them as aliens are to us. Meaning that the greys are considered an extremely advanced race that do not even come from our galaxy. Although I believe the technology used in managing Earth comes in part from them.