Technologically Enabled Telepathy

I telepathically communicate with aliens. But it is not telepathy in the supernatural sense, it is telepathy enabled by technology they have placed around earth. They send their messages over an interstellar computer network based on quantum teleportation and the messages reach earth where control nodes deliver them to recipients through neural stimulation and their mind interprets the message.

On earth we have Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), which allows stimulating neurons in a non-invasive method using electromagnets. Although at its current state it is far from possible to use it for mind control, it is a proof of concept that areas of the brain could be activated by an external source, hinting at the possibility of mind control using technology. August 27, 2013 update: see this article which shows our first steps of using this technology.

Although aliens use this technology mainly for therapeutic, telepathic, and computer interface purposes, the aliens who manage earth use it for mind control, or directly controlling the actions and thoughts of individuals on earth without their knowledge. And it could be argued that what they are doing here is extremely unethical and probably illegal (at least on other planets where this technology is available), and violates basic human rights like freedom of thought.

The telepathy I experience can be in various forms. It could be through the use of the speech area of the brain where words are thought of, similar to when you read the words in a book and basically the words are spoken in your mind. A more sophisticated form is through pure thoughts, where meanings are exchanged and not words which is how you normally think and analyze the world. It allows for perfect empathy and it has many levels, from clear conscious thoughts to deep sub-conscious thoughts that are hard to detect by the thinking individual. Another form is what I call “drugging”, because it is about general effects on the mind and not specific thoughts or ideas. It deals with how things feel rather than what is said. It can control moods, emotions, and sensations, similar to how drugs (either legal or illegal) can affect your mind. They can make you depressed, happy, or even high, without having any earthly causes for these effects.

Normally you wouldn’t be able to tell apart between your own thoughts and feelings from the ones telepathically transferred to your mind. I am able to tell because I know when to expect them, they often make it apparent when it’s their message, and I have become more sensitive when differentiating between thoughts that originate from my own cognition and the ones that are foreign. However, if the aliens wanted to, they can make their messages appear as my own, so I still do not always know when I am being myself or not.


I Communicate with Aliens

When I tell people I communicate with aliens, they immediately think there is something wrong with me. And I understand them. It is not normal to be hearing things in your head, and it is usually associated with schizophrenia. I just happen to be in an extremely unusual situation where complete strangers from another planet have an odd reason to communicate with me. I have explained before about my role with the aliens, and as you can see it is an extremely unusual circumstance I am in. But none the less, it is what it is and I have no better explanation for it.

But how do I know I’m not simply schizophrenic? I have partially explained before what i consider to be proof of communication, but I have tons of other proof that I communicate with aliens every day and it just seems impossible that they are not real. I have tried many times to look at it from a mental illness perspective but it just seems extremely unlikely with what I’m exposed to every day.

But the communication alone barely touches on the weirdness of it all. I have been given plenty of information about their technology and why they are here. And explaining what I know will also seem like I am delusional as well, and with a very wild imagination. But this is not some kind reality I am living through without questioning, it is things i have been told and have inspected again and again.

What I know is that they control everything on earth, and have complete surveillance over everything. I have explained before about what they do here more thoroughly. And there are tons of other things I would like to share, but that is for other posts because it is too much to explain in this post alone.